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The Return of the Sylvaneth and More... Much More!

Hello my friends! After almost two weeks without a word from me, I'm back in the business... During the entire week we have been flooded with more and more information about the new Sylvaneth. Today I bring you a summary of which was released during the week and what to expect for the next days ... Ohh, everyone loves a new stuff and a mystery. – this ones has goodies for BOTH Age of Sigmar AND 40k!

The Army formerly know as Wood Elves is making a splash with 6 new units including The Everqueen herself – Alarielle!

Save the trees, save the bees, save the whales... save those snails...

We’ve seen art work for many of these units and now we’re getting our first glimpses of the kits.... Some are getting spooky, others are damn gorgeous! Lets check them out!

The Everqueen is coming to Age of Sigmar on a giant killer beetle! Take a look:

All hail the (new) Everqueen!

Her mini is JUST AMAZING! I love how the new Sylvaneth range is depicting fantastical insects in a way that it very different from say Tyranids. I’m loving it. I can’t wait to see this big guy charging into combat with Khorgoraths or Ogor Stonehorns. – CRASH!

Do you still remember her older form (8th edition old...)?

Girl... You changed...

Also, you can check her rules here! But wait, there is much more to see...

Sylvaneth Branchwych, because you need a wizard...

The Drycha Hamadreth...

These new units look great! But it turns out there are even more things plan! The Kurnoth Hunters and The Tree-Reavants are going to be dual-kits for even more options in game.

Kurnoth Hunters with bows...

Kurnoth Hunters with melee weapons...



The Tree-Revenants are dual-kits with the Spite-Revenants, that one is pretty obvious. The Kurnoth Hunters however look to have a primary build of the bows with some melee options reserved for a “Huntmaster” version – it’s a little unclear if that is a “chararcter/leader” upgrade for the unit or if the Huntmasters are just a melee version of the Kurnoth Hunters.

Peek a boo!

These units are definitely taking on more the the forest-spirit vibe than their previous Elvish incarnations. Those Tree-Revenants really stand out to me as a Wood Elvish Spirit mixed with Branch Wraiths which is really cool. And Alarielle is riding a giant beetle – I don’t even know why that makes me so giddy!These are some really amazing looking kits!

Products & Prices:

Scanner reports:
  • How to Paint Sylvaneth ($10)
  • Legends of AoS: Sylvaneth ($24)
  • Drycha Hamadreth ($60)
  • Kurnoth Hunters ($60)
  • Sylvaneth Branchwych ($20)
  • Sylvaneth Dice ($20)
  • Dreadhold Crucible ($100)
  • Realmgate Wars: ALL GATES ($65)
  • Alarielle The Everqueen (on warbeetle) ($130)
  • Tree Revenants ($37)
  • Battletome: Sylvaneth ($50)
The Sylvaneth have already been seen – but they aren’t alone… Also this week we have a new upgrade for the Chaos Dreadhold: Come see the Chaos Dreadhold Crucible!

Skulls, Blades, Brass, Skull Cannons... it's Khorne alright!

The Chaos Dreadhold set is one of the most ornately skull-filled fortifications GW has ever produced. Even as one-off terrain kits they are impressive and make for great scenery. However, if you were one of the folks who went all out and actually bought, built and painted one of the full sets you’re truly going to appreciate this new addition.

Yep, this this is definitely a Khornate tower of death. Silliness aside the fact that this kit is perfectly inline with the other Dreadhold terrain kits is really cool. I have actually been writingan entire series about having Xenos Terrain for Warhammer 40,000 to break-up the Imperial focused themed terrain. These Dreadhold kits were one of the stand-outs in a Games Workshop’s terrain line. I really liked them because even if they are “Age of Sigmar” kits they could easily show up on a Khorne Daemon World. You might have to add more skulls on the table though…

Speaking of Khorne check the latest intel on the new bloody GW boardgame. If you love Khorne, you’re going to love this one:

via barcode and dakka’s chikout (6-26-2016)

Gorechosen: A Game of Brutal Arena Combat in the Age of Sigmar 
  • Price: $60
  • September 24th 2016
  • 2-4 Players
  • Playtime: ~60 minutes
  • 4 Gorechosen
  • Arena board
  • 4 Fighter Reference Cards
  • 52 Action, Initiative and Critical Injury cards
  • Tokens
  • Dice
Here’s the latest press teaser from this month’s GTM Magazine:

This confirms the basics above and ads more detail on the comic and grizzly Critical Injury cards, the unique “Kill Zones” that each model has to use thier weapons, and how the Wrath game-mechanic works that influences initiative and actions.

And the original press poster doing the rounds.

This one’s a super good deal (minis at about 1/2 normal price) and sounds great fun for a few players with some drinks and a little time on thier goresoaked hands...

But if you think that's all get ready for more goodies coming soon... starting with this teaser:

“Heresy, Betrayal and a Summer Campaign”

Let’s break this down. Oh the Grimdark side of things we have “Heresy, Betrayal”. Hmm that reminds me of this:

Previous rumor from Dakka’s: Sad Panda

“There is no Betrayal at Calth expansion (not counting White Dwarf material and possibly something digital).

There is a separate HH-based game, but it was written before Calth hit the shelves. It is no more an expansion to Calth than Overkill is an expansion to Execution Force. It simply shares the same setting/time period.”

Then we hit the second half: “and a summer campaign”:

That is clearly the kickoff of the Age of Sigmar Summer Campaign. Also note the General’s Handbook is making the rounds in some FLGS stores and GW Retail locations this weekend, so it’s about to hit as well. Check this review from Bad Dice Podcast:

So... which one are you most excited for?
As if it wasn't enough, Forge World has new upgrades for your Ad-Mech Skitarii. Take a look at the minis!

Oh my God... I'm already imagining the prices...

The Ad-mech are now a year old, so it’s about time they started to get the full Forge World “extra bits” treatment.
Well, I reckon that's all for now from my part... Thank you for your time and hoping to write to you soon.

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